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YMMV / Rugrats: Royal Ransom

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  • Guide Dang It!: The locations of all the Funny Money in the game is never explained to the player, and one of the only online walkthroughs of the game simply says "Coming Soon" (said walkthrough was last edited in 2003). Needless to say, finding all of the Funny Money in this game is really difficult.
  • Most Annoying Sound: While browsing through the house and the playhouse, Angelica frequently interjects with insults and smug remarks towards the babies. It gets annoying fast, to say the least.
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  • No Problem with Licensed Games: The game is a fun and simple (although rather bland) platformer. Note that this is only the case if you're playing on Baby Easy mode.
  • Surprise Difficulty: On Rugrat Medium & Reptar Tough mode. Especially surprising seeing as this is a game based on the Rugrats cartoon.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: On the Medium and Tough modes, the game is difficult to the point of being almost unplayable.
  • That One Level: Many, many levels on Medium and Tough difficulty. Were the developers so sadistic that they would make a licensed game aimed at children this difficult?
    • Punting Papayas in Jungle World on Tough is one of the most frustrating levels in the whole game, with the insanely long and hard-to-navigate paths you have to follow, to the point where it's physically painful to play.
    • Monkey Business is basically the same thing, just with papayas swapped out for monkeys.
    • Acrobatty Dash on Medium and Tough is just cruel and inhumane. On Baby Easy you're given a nice, comfortable seven minutes to go through the acrobat course. On Medium and Tough? three and a half minutes and two minutes, respectively, even though the level itself isn't changed at all. Cue much swearing, ripping of hair, and gnashing of teeth.
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    • Meanie Genie on Medium and Tough difficulty is Platform Hell incarnate. Jumps require precision presses of the A button, the lack of depth perception makes it extremely hard to tell if you're gonna land on a platform or in the boiling lava, the level goes on damn near forever, and the background music is extremely annoying.
    • Temple of the Lamp. On Easy and Medium it's a nice level, albeit a boring "collect-the-rubies"-athon. On Tough? An exercise in frustration. For one thing, you have to collect a whopping total of 70 rubies. Yes, you read that right, 70 rubies. Secondly, those annoying scarab beetles are all over the place, serving to make your job even harder for no real reason at all. Thirdly, most of the rubies are located high on the buildings, forcing you to make even more precise A button presses. Thankfully, this level can be avoided by doing one of the other, more fun ones, like Rugrat Rug Race.
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    • Moon Buggy Madness is the only level that's extremely difficult on all difficulties, not because of any cruelty from the programmers, but due to the overly floaty physics that make it almost impossible to get a sense of control.
  • The Woobie: The babies toys' that were stolen by Angelica, especially Kimi's beloved Super-Thing.


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