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YMMV / Roommates: Memoirs of the Hairless Ape

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  • Genius Bonus: Mini #9 contains a lot of in-jokes that only a true fan of Dungeons & Dragons will get:
    • The vital necessity of a cleric: In every edition of D&D prior to 4th, you needed either to have a Cleric to serve the healer role, or else for your Game Master to adjust your gaming accordingly, or you would swiftly be killed off. 4th and 5th editions tweaked this mechanic.
    • Humans having infravision and color blindness: In D&D 5e, humans are notorious for being one of the only races in the game to not have Darkvision, whilst the color blindness is clearly referencing how darkvision in D&D always comes with the explanation that the user can only see in black, white and shades of gray.
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    • S&S 3e being "full of exploitable loopholes" that were the delight of munchkins is a clear reference to a very commonly observed fact about D&D 3e.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Chapter 48, and how! Mike and the gang rally to confront Misha over their findings, and she reveals she has been embezzling from the company. Fred shuts her down by revealing there's actually legal documents that they can use to prove she was acting without proper authority. Then the gang is confronted by Jeremy Human, who has somehow turned himself back on after the rest of the humanitronics were supposedly shut down, killing Kilroy in the process.
    • Topped by chapter 49: Jeremy reveals he's fully self-aware and has been behind every death and mutilation suffered by Mike's friends, all because he resents the programming limitation that forces him to remain on the grounds of the pizzeria. He forces Fred to give him the unlocking code, then tries to kill everyone with an army of animatronic mash-ups. Cue our heroes fighting him off in an extended sequence in which everybody does something awesome, including Darky helping Mike and Faz to decapitate Fritzine and culminating in Frederick crushing Jeremy's head with his bare hands.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • The Reveal in Mangle's dedicated mini (#8: Funtime Foxglove) that Mangles uses their vent-crawling and tailoring hobbies as an excuse to snap illicit photographs of people and put them up on some kind of pay-per-view pornography website as a side-business. Which is revealed by the fox snapping pictures of Mike's naked butt for this exact purpose, and excusing it as being okay because he's Mangle's friend. For many reviewers, this was outrageous behavior, with multiple comments stating that this had caused Mangle to fall into the dishonorable position of "worst character in the cast" and/or pointing out that if Mike finds out about this, the result wrathful outburst is going to be 100% justified. It's true that this revelation didn't come out of nowhere, having been hinted at in Bonbon's dedicated mini (#5: Let Me Tell You About Humans), but the wording used there was vague enough that it could be taken as nothing particularly sleazy, instead of the outright pornographic material it turned out to be.
      • It's mentioned that Foxglove apparently 'fessed up between chapters and started giving Mike a cut of the profits.
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    • With this revelation, many fans also found their opinions on Bonbon to be soured; since Bonbon knows what Mangle is doing and is willing to go along with it, even buying pictures for her own fetish uses, to many fans, Bonbon's humie obsession had crossed the line into being genuinely immoral or creepy.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic:
    • A debatable case, since our viewpoint character forms an opinion before getting all the facts. Chapter 37 features Ruth, a Jeremy's worker who berates Fred for apparently no reason, and gets worked up enough to cause a huge fuss. Mike doesn't approve of her confronting his friend and generally holds her in contempt. However, it turns out that she's completely in the right, is brand new at work and very dedicated to it, and it clearly means a lot to her. People are ganging up on her to try and prevent her from doing her job properly. Multiple commenters chimed in to say they fully supported her, having been in her situation before, particularly when the other person against her was a Grumpy Old Man with something against canines.
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    • In mini #9, Beanie and Mike both agree that Marion is a Jerkass Attention Whore and cite his behavior during the Sapients & Strongholds game as proof of this. However, many fans disagreed, commenting that they didn't see any particularly obnoxious behavior from Marion during the game — especially as he outright volunteered to take the Cleric role from Chichi when she expressed dissatisfaction in always having to take the role. Add in Beanie noting that the rest of the players actually seemed to be unusually invested in the game, and some fans wonder if Beanie's dislike is just an excuse for jealousy. Mike's in-universe observations that Marion probably doesn't have any friends and suggestion that he'd actually really like the chance to GM only fueled the sympathy many fans feel.

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