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  • Broken Base: Was the BBC right to allow Nick Griffin onto the show, or was it giving fascism a platform it shouldn't have been allowed to use? While politicians don't have universal approval ever, most politicians are normally considered okay to have on, even by people that don't support said politicians.
    • Nigel Farage's frequent appearances on the show. Even though his Party UKIP never held any seats until 2015 when they got one seat he was one of the most appearing politicians. Many people blame UKIP's growing support leading to the 2016 referendum and Brexit on inflated media appearances of the far-right giving them more of an aura of respectability when previously they would have just been seen as extremist fringe parties.
  • Seasonal Rot: Over the 2010s Question Time has been criticised for allowing on more controversial figures even if they had reasonably little support, thus giving them more publicity and enabling them to express their views to a wider audience, such as the far-right and notoriously racist politician Farage.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Dimbleby and the audience members.

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