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  • Base-Breaking Character: Tommy Saunders is a big one. While virtually no one has criticized Mark Wahlberg's actual performance, the use of a composite character as the focus of the story has been controversial. Some feel it was necessary in order to tie the events together and keep the story focused while others feel that having a character at every major beat of the story was unnecessary and took away opportunities for the real servicemen to be portrayed.
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  • He Really Can Act: Mark Wahlberg proves in this film that he’s still got it and that his bad performances in The Happening and the Transformers films were just flukes. Here’s one example.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • Meng's escape from the Tsarnaevs. The cop even outright tells him, "That took balls, man. You're a brave fucking guy."
      • Also when Meng tells the police to catch those "motherfuckers". Pretty awesome since he's a quiet nerdy guy for most of the movie.
    • The capture of the remaining bomber.
  • Narm: Tommy talking about his wife's infertility to frame an uplifting monologue on good vs. evil can come off as superfluous Glurge, as there were more than enough real motivational stories from the attack that could have been used in its place.
  • Narm Charm: The bit where the Watertown resident gives the police officer a sledgehammer to use during a shootout would be Narm were it not for the fact the officer actually gets to use it to subdue the elder Tsarnaev.


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