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YMMV / Řystein Sunde

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  • Acceptable Professional Targets:
    • Lawyers. When the unscrupulous conman in "Han hadde båt" finally gets caught, his Amoral Attorney lawyer claims that he's "too unwell" to face the courts and go to prison - never mind that he was mentally capable of keeping many scams going simultaneously up until he was caught. The court system itself gets hit when it falls for this excuse and gets the conman released.
    • Journalists. "Smi mens liket er varmt" is a scathing critique of journalists who publish rumours as facts without bothering to verify them, go out of their way to tear down celebrities for daring to be imperfect, and are pushy, unemphatic Jerkasses towards people who have experienced tragic events.
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    • While he avoids making Take Thats to specific politicians or parties, he likes to bash politicians in general for their bad governingnote , Skewed Prioritiesnote  and inability to keep their election promises.
  • Acceptable Targets:
    • "Byens hi-fi asyl" makes fun of audiophiles who spend tons of money on expensive playback equipment by drawing several parallels between their hobby and drug addiction. Vendors of the stuff of aren't spared either - the one in the song is portrayed as an elitist who essentially bullies his customers into buying his merchandise.
    • "Mesterkokken" mocks exclusive gourmet restaurants.
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  • The Catch-Phrase Catches On: Some expressions from Sunde's songs have found their way into Norwegian everyday speech. Examples include "gåsemor" about a black and white police car, and "kjekt å ha", which roughly means "nice to have" and is used as a reason/excuse for keeping an item, often something one should get rid of.
  • Critical Research Failure: In "Barkebille boogie", it's claimed that the Forty Years' War took place after the Seven Years' War.
  • Ear Worm: "Kjekt å ha", "Du må'kke komme her og komme her", "Sokka mine", "Barkebille boogie"... good luck not getting them stuck in your head.
  • Fridge Horror: The guinea pig from "Sokka mine" that went through the washing machine... yes, it was probably dead when Sunde found it.
  • So Bad, It's Good: His Stylistic Suck cover of The Kinks's "You Really Got Me" added goofy scatting and translated all the lyrics literally, no matter how unnatural it sounded in Norwegian.
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  • Squick: "Hvis dine ører henger ned" has a verse about using one's behind as a dining table.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Ute var det sol", which tells the story of Sunde's reaction to his father's death.
    • "Liten og grønn" is told from the perspective of a Twin Otter that enjoys his job, but knows that he'll be forced to retire in a few years and be demoted to rubbish forever.

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