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YMMV / O Auto Da Compadecida

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  • Adaptation Displacement: You are more likely to know people more familiar with the movie rather than the play it was based on written by Ariano Suassuna, which contained certain elements that were different than the adaptation. There were also two previous cinematic adaptations, one of them being a parody, that can be found on Youtube.
  • Cry for the Devil: No, not the literal one, but for Severino, the bandit leader and closest thing to an actual villain this movie has, when its revealed that the murder of his family drove him down the path of crime.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Even though they only appear at the very end of the movie for a short, Jesus and the Devil give very memorable performances. Severino also gets a lot of love for Marco Nanini's emblematic portrayal.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: The movie ends on a rather bright note all things considered with Rosinha choosing to live with Chicó, but she is now disowned by her father and forced to live alongside her poor boyfriend in the crapsacky Brazilian Northeast backlands.
  • Inferred Holocaust: During the afterlife scene where the dead are waiting their trial, the Devil arbitrarily sentences several people to Hell likely all other victims of Aracaju's massacre. Given that some might be redeemable, these people were just unfairly sentenced to an eternity of torment and torture, although given Jesus didn't interfere on their behalf it's possible they were just slated to go to Hell regardless.

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