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YMMV / Noah Maxwell Takes A Little Trip Here

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  • Funny Moments: The premise alone could count as one, but the fic doesn't stop there.
    • Noah refering to the Administrator and the Collective as "Daddy Longlegs and his demonic book club."
    • This line:
      Ozpin: "Is it wrong that I made Caught the leader purely because it would make for a better acronym?"
    • Evan and Noah's reaction upon meeting Nimby for the first time.
    • "Coffee Time!". Just..."Coffee Time!"
      • "I SEE DEAD PEOPLE!"
    • Evan and Noah's..."wedding". Every single thing about it. From Noah's crossdressing for the occasion, complete with dominatrix boots, to Patrick's Played for Laughs cameo, The Big Damn Kiss, the hard rock concert...Everything.
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  • Ho Yay: Patrick's behavior towards Evan is half this, half Nightmare Fuel. And of course, there's his wedding with Noah. Given the crazy nature of the fic and that this is Evan we are talking about, it was inevitable.


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