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  • Awesome Art: Some of the illustrations are quite good and set the mood, particularly those of "Afraid of Clowns", "Nightmare Inn", and "The Most Evil Sorcerer".
  • Fridge Horror: Just how many kids have the clowns and the Alien Club gone through?
  • Fridge Logic:
    • "I'm Not Martin" is chock full of it. Martin's plan relies on the orderlies not recognizing Sean? Fine, but what about the doctor, the nurses and anyone else who notices the two are different? Even assuming Sean loses his foot, his parents might notice that. Martin's going to get a hefty comeuppance even if the worst happens to Sean.
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    • "Afraid of Clowns" might have fridge logic, if you think of it, what does happen when other victims are tortured by the clowns then tickled to death, backstage, their parents strangely disappear, and how unintelligent the audience might be never realizing what physical and psychological pain the victimized child goes through and how weird the victimized child disappears. Keep in mind, the clowns do not want their victims revealing their secret, so if the clowns were ever found out, then would several know their secret?
  • Heartwarming Moments: The ending of The Dead Body. First, the revelation that the titular dead body was actually Will's uncle who was helping him finally get revenge on Travis. But even after the big twist that his uncle had died the night before, meaning he really was a zombie, the story ends with Will agreeing that he was a really good friend.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Martin switches the charts so a kid will essentially become handicapped by having his foot cut off, just so he won't have to go through with it.
    • The clowns have long since crossed this line when they victimize children and cause them to die laughing via tickle torture. However, their victim du jour Christopher sadly crosses this when he joins their ranks to save himself so he can pick out other kids like himself to be victimized.
  • Nightmare Fuel: You bet. Especially of the Adult Fear variety.
    • The twist of "Pumpkinhead" reveals that Farmer Palmer has killed many children by cutting off their heads to plant his special pumpkins onto their bodies while putting their still living heads into the ground.
    • "Alien Candy" ends with the kids revealing that they were aliens who only pretended to be Walter's friend to lure him to their base and eat him as their snack. Paranoia Fuel at its finest.
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  • Nightmare Retardant: The alien designs in the accompanying illustration of "Alien Candy" resemble shaggy cartoon birds.
  • Squick: The twist of "Pumpkinhead" wherein a farmer entraps kids and treats their heads like pumpkins
  • What an Idiot!:
    • "I'm Not Martin" and "Afraid of Clowns" only seem to work because people are too stupid (or apathetic) to recognize what's wrong, if you really think about it.
    • Despite being warned numerous times to not screw around at Farmer Palmer's pumpkin patch, Mike still ignores everyone's advice and goes so far as breaking into the pumpkin patch at night to get back at Palmer for warning him to stop destroying his crops. This naturally results in his death.
  • The Woobie: Stephanie in Make Me a Witch. She's teased at school for being ugly and her mom insults her and ignores her in favor of her baby brother. And in the end her attempt to switch places with Gemma the witch to gain a little respect results in her brother switching with Gemma instead.

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