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YMMV / My Dark King

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Did you know that Demak was a former Duel Academy student? Or that Saiou founded the Arcadia Movement?
  • Evil Is Sexy: Played 100% straight in Carly's case, but it'd be kind of hard for Jack to get any sexier.
  • Funny Moments: Goodwin screaming "Fuck you, Jack Atlas!" is almost too funny for words.
  • Ho Yay:
    • In the author's own words, regarding Team Unicorn, "…their symbol is a unicorn and their fortress is named after an Erasure song. I don't think that they're really trying to hide anything."
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    • For a story that's so heavily Jack/Carly, Carly sure does hug Misty a lot...
    • Sherry is noted to keep her hand on Aki's shoulder longer than necessary. Sherry's Formspring suggests that this is intentional.
    "You continue to intrigue me, ma chere. How attractive is this girl you mentioned?"
    "Beautiful but she doesn't see herself as that... Red hair, nice figure, beautiful peach-pink lips and a nice rack. I'd hit it."
    "Based on that would I. Deux c'est assez, trois c'est un parti. note "
  • Moment of Awesome: Even when he's evil, Jack Atlas still lives and breathes these. You can pick from him punching Divine's torso off or stealing Wiraqocha Rasca from Goodwin right before he crushes him like a wet pinata.


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