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YMMV / Moose and Zee

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  • More Popular Replacement: Moose and Zee are much more liked than Phred and Feetface due to their longevity on the network. That’s not to say the former two mascots don’t have fans, however.
  • Nightmare Fuel: "I don't like candy corn!" is VERY creepy due to the monsters.
  • Sacred Cow: Moose A. Moose has become one on the internet thanks to the nostalgia surrounding him, nearly on par with Mister Rogers. Naturally, no one took it well when he and Zee stopped appearing on TV. Fortunately, both would return a few years later in 2015, when Noggin was revived as an app- only for them to be taken off again in 2019, angering people yet again.
  • Uncanny Valley: A lot of the characters that meet Moose and Zee come across as this, due to their button eyes and large smiles.

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