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YMMV / Masada

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  • Applicability: Some striking parallels to post-2001 Middle Eastern politics (including The War on Terror) can be drawn from Silva and Eleazar's last conversation: a powerful empire struggles to come to grips with Middle Eastern religious zealots. Rome is blinded by its hypocrisy and arrogance: it claims to represent civilization and order, and any examples which would indicate otherwise are dismissed as exceptions or mistakes, even as such examples continue to pile up. Meanwhile the religious zealots claim to fight for a noble cause, even as they burn and destroy everything around them - eventually even themselves.
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  • Awesome Music: Jerry Goldsmith's theme and his scores for parts one and two. Because of the miniseries's Troubled Production and his commitment to Inchon (which was itself troubled), his friend Morton Stevens scored the other two parts. Both composers received well deserved Emmy nominations for their work, and Goldsmith won.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Eleazar. Roguish, charming, prone to much bravado and a brilliant strategist.


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