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YMMV / Lord of Lords Ryu Knight

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  • Complete Monster: Emperor Helldragon is the supreme leader of the dreaded, extraterrestrial Helldragon tribe. A conqueror and destroyer who envies the fertile lands of Earth Tear over the small planet he reigns over, the Emperor leads assaults every thousand years to penetrate Earth Tear's defenses and launch an all-out invasion of Earth Tear, planning to annihilate what he doesn't dominate and put Earth Tear under his cruel claw. Promoting a survival-of-the-fittest philosophy among his own army and constantly purging weak soldiers from the Tribe, the Emperor's assaults lead to countless lives lost and entire cities destroyed. Once Earth Tear's shield is finally about to give way, the Emperor resolves to land his mothership down on the planet's surface in the midst of the final battle and crush everyone underneath it to silence any opposition to his attack once and for all.

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