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YMMV / Kiddy Grade

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  • Genius Bonus: All of the names used are extremely fitting for each character... as well as in another language. Éclair and Lumière, for example, mean "lightning" and "light" in French. Also, the prototype and copies of their ship, La Muse, are all named after The Muses of Greek legend.
  • Good Bad Translation: Armblast was supposed to be named "Armbrust", the German word for "crossbow". The real reason for the change was due to a mistake that was discovered too late in the dubbing.
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  • Growing the Beard: A series which started off as an episodic crimefighting drama with some fanservice becomes much darker as it considers socioeconomic and philosophical themes.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Éclair and Lumière have their moments, although their relationship may very well transcend ordinary human notions.
    • At times, there seems to be something between Lumière and Tweedledee, much to the annoyance of Tweedledum.
    • Sinistra and Dextera.
  • Retroactive Recognition: This is one of Aya Hirano's earlier works before she exploded in popularity thanks to Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star.


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