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YMMV / Freedom Project

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  • Ass Pull: Grandpa Monkey (or "Chimpster" depending on the translation).
  • Awesome Music: This Is Love", the opening theme by Utada Hikaru.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Stephanie Sheh voices Ao who hopes to go to the moon, and just a few years after this she'd up voicing a Moon Princess. Even better, in this, her character was born on the Earth with someone from the moon falling for her. In that series it's the other way around, with her voicing the one from the moon falling for someone from Earth. Additionally in this series, Johnny Yong Bosch's character promises to look after Sheh's character when they evacuate from the moon to the Earth, while in that series, Johnny Yong Bosch voices one of two characters who are tasked with looking after Sheh's character's group after they evacuate to Earth.
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  • Paranoia Fuel: Where are these kids' families?
  • Uncanny Valley: 3D character treated like traditional animation can be a bit ... disconcerting, at first.

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