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YMMV / Forgotton Anne

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  • Nightmare Fuel: The Forgotten Pieces. Weird fragments that swarm you mercilessly if you enter their territory while holding anima, like some sort of psychotic bugs. They can't stand light, but screech and seem to catch fire when throwing themselves into a lighted zone in pursuit of you.
  • What an Idiot!: A lot of events could have been avoided if Bonku had communicate more. Either by telling Anne a lot earlier what really happens at the Plant making her believe it's for the greater good, or report the rebel's attack at the Plant to Magnum, his chief police, instead of Secti.
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  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Bonku was a brilliant clockmaker on Earth, but became Forgotten because no one was interested in handmade clocks anymore. All he wants to do is go home and (it's strongly implied) be remembered and respected again. The "destroyer of worlds" part is very literal, though - his Ether Bridge will literally destroy the realm of the Forgotlings if anyone walks through it. Bonku knows that but has rationalised it away as the Forgotling realm not being "real" and therefore being expendable.

Alternative Title(s): Forgotten Anne


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