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Fridge / Forgotton Anne

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Fridge Brilliance

  • Regarding Magnum character...
He is excited at the idea to shots the rebels and is all in awe to the Enforcer. He is (was) a policer's gun, an object made to at the very least hurt others, but also very strongly associated with the law. And guess who are the closer beings embodiment of the law? Anne and Bonku.

  • Why Fig face is... so down? Because he was the mannequin of an actress and her daughter. It's not mentioned how old she was, but it may be very possible she tried to draw on his body at her height... Or it could had been just for fun. It also explains why he loves so much grand gestures and dramatic monologues.

  • Also count as a Tear Jerker, as Anne is a Forgotling, it implied that her mother had died right after abandoning her.

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