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Tear Jerker / Forgotton Anne

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  • Anne's Break the Cutie moments from witnessing the truth about the Plant up through discovering the power to Instil when she revives Fig, but most especially when she sees the vision of the past when she was abandoned and forgotten with two powerful words said to her mother:
    Anne: Don't go...
  • Blanket Crystalizing, right after having been reunited with Anne and the two of them having such a sweet talk that very night.
    Blanket: I'm the luckiest Forgotling here, you know. I am already with my owner.
    Anne: I like that.
    Blanket: Me too.
    • Fridge Horror makes this even worse with Anne's lament of "My blanket..." as it was very likely the one and only thing that entered the forgotten world with her. At this point, she truly has nothing left.
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  • This exchange should the player choose to have Anne return to the real world.
    Anne: Forgive me, Fig.
    Fig: I already have.

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