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  • Complete Monster: Silver Odysseus stands out in a Vice City run by a superpowered Mafia. When he was heir apparent to become the next Don of the Odysseus crime family, he regularly whacked other made guys before his associates killed him to make his younger brother Gio the new boss. Silver comes Back from the Dead years later and goes on an indiscriminate rampage, killing gangsters, cops, and civilians alike with his explosive powers. He also murders his nephew Chrissie to hurt Gio, as well as a gangster named Stone by blowing him up while he's in his petrified form so his disembodied head will remain conscious. At the same time he's using his old partner Al to play Gio and his rival Cane against each other, hoping to unleash a citywide Mob War. He ultimately reveals his real purpose is to wipe out everyone in the family and bring a true reign of terror to Oysseus City.

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