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YMMV / Evil Islands

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  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • Erfar the Silvertongue. Flunky Boss extraordinaire aside, he will likely drop from a single attack. He doesn't even have a dignity to leave something decent behind, instead granting only one coin.
    • The Curse, mixed, oddly enough, with a Hopeless Boss Fight. It's shaped up to be a big threat and has wiped out almost all Joons in the past. You're given the game's most powerful weapons and spells before the final fight, but they eventually prove to be useless and you can't damage the Curse with them, while it kills you in a single hit. The only thing you can do (and all you need to do) is to leave Tka-Rik to fight the Curse, cast Weaken on it and/or Strength on him, and heal him when necessary to ensure victory.


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