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YMMV / Enter Ken Finlayson

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  • Bizarro Episode: Two dream stories: "The Good, the Bad and the Randy" and "Randy Marks The Spot" by taking advantage of the strangeness of dreams and having things like a statue suddenly talking.
  • Continuity Lock-Out: The series has been becoming this with one reviewer of "The Space Conspiracy of Mc Fist" asking why Mc Fist would want money even though he already has so much even though he no longer has any of that money as of "Mc Fist's Automated Anarchy" since he was arrested, stripped of his position in society and is now fully on the opposite side of the law. And to be fair he was always after money even in the actual show.
  • Funny Moments:
    • Apparently when Rick, Ken's dad, actually fought Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee at once the former came at him with a cry that "sounded like an elephant was stepping on his toes" while the latter made a sound like "Peter Sellers in slow motion."
    • One story is titled "The Good, the Bad and the Randy." Obviously Randy Cunningham is the Randy of the title but "Randy" is another word for sexually aroused or excited making the title hilarious in that the title has a double meaning.
    • Discussions about Mrs. Finlayson are proving to be this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Although they may be funny, the fact that her presence causes blood to drip from the walls and run from the faucets and dogs to form into packs causes Mrs. Finlayson to be rather terrifying in her way.
  • One-Scene Wonder: A variation: One-Story Wonder! Crazy Snake Man only appeared in the first story and has not appeared since. He is memorable but might not be considered a good enough villain to be Big Bad material by Jet.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Moloch shows up half-way through, seems like he'd be the Big Bad of this fan fic series only to die in the second to last chapter. Turns out he was a Starter Villain. A friend of Jet's on Deviantart, Deosma, who asked to use his Original Characters brought back Moloch in a chapter of his story and killed him off in the same chapter. No Big Bad status for him.
    • Actually as it turns out this fan fic series has no Big Bad, so any antagonist could be an example.
  • Ugly Cute: The only image of Ken, done by Jet 556's friend Deosma on DeviantArt, has gotten this reaction in that Deosma describes Ken as ugly but a commenter believes he looks cute.


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