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  • Creator Backlash: By the time "Niall Warburton and the Conundrum of the Mummy" was finished Jet swore he would never do another fan fiction based on a video game due to this one having taken too long to write. Of course, it should be noted that readers weren't too fond of this one either. However it should be noted that Jet may have changed his mind as the title of a planned story on his profile, "Lunatic Residence: An Account of Adoration, Ardor and Puissance", brings to mind Maniac Mansion. The story's description seems to even be similar to the first part of the description on the back of the game's Commodore 64 release.
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  • What Could Have Been: As Jet's tumblr account shows, Niall Warburton's ancient Egyptian self could have been named Merneptah instead of Khaemwaset had his Merneptah obsession existed at the time. Either way the past life would have still been named after a son of Ramses.

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