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YMMV / Ebola Syndrome

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  • Complete Monster: Kai is a childish sociopath born with the gift of being an asymptomatic carrier of the Ebola virus. Introduced killing the members of a family after having been found having sex with the wife of his boss, Kai pours gasoline on the daughter and tries to burn her alive. Traveling to South Africa to avoid capture, Kai is employed by a Chinese restaurant and takes the opportunity to rape a dying Zulu woman, smashing her head with a rock when she vomits on him. Contracting the virus and becoming a male Typhoid Mary, Kai murders his new boss, his wife and a witness, dismembering their bodies and turning them into hamburgers to be sold to the clients, spreading the virus all over South Africa before returning to Hong Kong, where Kai begins another viral outbreak. Initially appearing to have reintegrated himself into society by starting a new life with his ex-girlfriend Har and her daughter, Kai takes the girl as his hostage when Har discovers his condition and cuts himself to infect even more people.
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  • Cult Classic: Due to its highly exploitative nature and disturbing themes, the film has achieved Cult status, not unlike The Untold Story.
  • Nausea Fuel: The expensive, high-class steak you just ate in a restaurant? The cook probably masturbated into it yesterday night. Bon appetit!
    • Kai isn't the most hygienic person in general. While out shopping with Har, he blows his nose into a shirt on display. That alone is icky, and becomes outright Paranoia Fuel given that he has ebola.
  • Squick: Some of the gorier scenes, especially the graphic dissection of two horribly mutilated corpses which died from the Ebola outbreak started by Kai.