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Nightmare Fuel / Ebola Syndrome

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Open wide...

  • Kai's opening massacre, where he stabbed his boss' lackey in the crotch, smash his boss' face in, and (pictured) snip off the mistress' tongue.
  • The movie contains tons and tons of Gorn, all which looks absolutely realistic. A bit too realistic for a Nightmare Fuel page, to be honest.
  • Kai, despite being a sadistic serial killer who had at least 3 victims even before he contracted the disease. Yet he fled Hong Kong to Johannesburg with absurd ease, and quickly acquainted himself with the staff of that Chinese restaurant in Jo'berg. The fact that this mass-murderer looks like your average Joe probably helps.
  • How Kai got infected with Ebola in the first place: having sex with a woman dying of the Ebola disease.
  • There is a graphic close-up of two decomposing, rotting corpses being dissected in the aftermath of the outbreak.
  • Lily probably got hit worst; she gave her old friend and former university mate, Kai, shelter, oblivious that he is a Serial Killer responsible for five deaths, the outbreak of Ebola in Johannesburg, and he's hanging right next to her little daughter.
  • Also, Hong Kong is one of the last places on Earth you'd expect for an outbreak of Ebola to occur. But it did in the ending, specifically because Kai, who started the outbreak in Jo'berg, then fled back to Hong Kong and brought the disease with him. The film ends with a Downer Ending where untold dozens — if not hundreds — of people in Hong Kong will fall to the same disease as well.