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YMMV / Double Decker

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  • Ear Worm: The ED, Buntline Special by Vickeblanka. It's full of Narm Charm and/or Bilingual Bonus, which becomes impressive when you learn the first line after the intro is "Don't give a 嫉妬 now!" note 
  • Ho Yay:
    • Kirill's Luminescent Blush when interacting with Doug give this impression, along with his hug in the OP.
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    • Both the OP and ED seem to support Maxine/Yuri. This is especially true with the Almost Kiss shown in the ED.
  • Tear Jerker: Max's backstory, as revealed in episode 8. Painfully playing with Prom Is for Straight Kids, it's revealed that Max was once a shy, feminine student. Her best friend was another student named Connor who she fell in love with, whom she expected to ask her to prom. What she didn't expect was for Connor to reveal that he was a transgender and wanted to attend prom in feminine clothing. Despite her crestfallen reaction, Max accepted this, even underwent to an Important Haircut and donning a suit in support. However, Max and Connor were rejected by their fellow students, to the point where they weren't even allowed to enter the prom. Even worse, Connor spiraled into drug use and depression afterwards in an eerily Truth in Television manner for young LGBT individuals. As for Max, all of her sacrifices to show her love and support towards Connor all came for naught. No wonder she becomes bitter and colder individual she is today.
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  • Tough Act to Follow: Considering that this was produced by the same people who did Tiger & Bunny, most viewers expect that this show would have the same caliber as Tiger and Bunny. However, it came out as a huge disappointment because of the storyline being all over the place despite its potential.

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