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YMMV / Doctor Who S5 E7 "The Wheel in Space"

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  • Padding: This story is often criticised for being slow and overlong.
    • Most of first episode is just the Doctor and Jamie wandering around an empty spaceship, with none of the guest cast appearing until the end of the episode.
    • Much of Episodes On and Two are taken up by a lengthly argument amongst the Wheel's crew over whether or not to blow up the spaceship with the TARDIS on. Episode One ends with the cliffhanger of them deciding to blow it up, only to decided not to do so immediately and argue about it some more at the start of the next episode.
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    • In contrast to the usual Classic Who pattern of having the monster first appear at the end of the first episode, in this story the Cybermen do not appear until the end of Episode Two, do not meet any of the human characters until the end of Episode Three, and do not meet the Doctor and Jamie until the end of Episode Four!
  • Retroactive Recognition: Donald Sumpter has a small part as crewmember Enrico Casali. He would later become recognisable for roles such as Maester Luwin in Game of Thrones, and a much more memorable role in Doctor Who itself as Rassilon in "Hell Bent".

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