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YMMV / Deep Town: Mining Factory

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  • Awesome Moments: The fact that the Galactic Federation managed to encapsulate every star in the Milky Way within a Dyson Sphere, in order to harness the energy to free humanity from being stuck in time. Even the Ancients show amazement at this, and constantly remind the player that they're a "machine that ate a galaxy".
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • Why are there abundant resources in the Earth despite the game taking place at a time beyond the year where resources were hypothesized to run out? The Elders successfully took over Earth, absorbed the resources, and restored the resources back down there.
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    • Why was a planet with an Iron Core, aka Earth chosen for the Ancients to seal the corrupted Semu/Elders in? Iron is the most stable element thanks to having the highest binding energy per nucleon. As such, it would be the most stable and resistant to the corrupting frequencies of the Elders.
  • Junk Rare:
    • Platinum. It's a very rare resource found in the Oil Zone and below, and has only one use — to upgrade the Chemistry Lab. Once you get 5000 platinum to do so, there's no other uses. It cannot even be smelted into platinum bars, which don't exist in the game as of yet, or used in any recipes.
    • Lutetium. It's a rare resource found on Type B Asteroids and has a very low conversion rate (100 Lutetium Ore converts to 5 Lutetium, which converts to 1 Lutetium Bar). It's only required for the storyline quest to create the research beam, and has no other use after that, meaning that any Lutetium obtained after the quest is complete will sit in your inventory.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Miners take far longer to mine resources when the game is offline. This means that your game needs to be constantly running in order to get resources properly. Thankfully, event items can drastically reduce this reduction.
    • The Terraforming quests have the atmospheric perfect balance mechanic. Earth's former atmosphere was made of around 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen, and you need to keep it within a small range between that. Trouble is, filling the atmosphere with Ozone decreases oxygen and filling the world with flora increases oxygen while displacing nitrogen, causing the balance to fail and forcing you to use the Oxygenium/Nitrogenium respectively to restore it. The catch that makes it frustrating is that there are no options to perfectly replace the oxygen/nitrogen you lost, and as such you will be estimating via trial and error for the amount of oxygen/nitrogen you need to replace to restore the balance.
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  • Tear Jerker: The fact that Minkowski, Mary Ann and the rest of the Last Order ultimately failed to save humanity due to being unable to reopen the portal that mankind passed through. They all died in the Cambrian period in a vault which you eventually open and find their graves. The consolation is that Minkowski and Mary Ann sent some Von Neumann machines into space, which in turn became the Galactic Federation the player character is part of.
  • That One Level: The Rocket Quest used to be a massive grind-fest that required an absolutely insane amount of time to build the several parts of the rocket, some of which take an extremely long time to get enough of (Enhanced Helium-3, Compressors, Accumulator, Refined Oil, Diethyl Ether, Rubber) while others require a massive amount of (Steel Plates, Aluminium Bars, Graphite Rods). It's also a mandatory quest for accessing the space and terraforming parts of the game. This was thankfully toned down and the resources needed cut by over 4x in order to allow newer players to access the space part of the game more easily.
  • That One Sidequest: Fully leveling the Trading floor. Every 10th level requires a rare resource that is hard to obtain without Bribing Your Way to Victory or doing weekly guild events. Each other level requires a certain amount of materials, which cycles every few levels, and the amounts needed increase to the thousands. Some of the items are insanely easy to obtain (like copper, silver, or gold) while some require considerable materials and massive amounts of graphite to craft (Circuits, Lamps). There's a very fast way to obtain adequate crafted materials for the portal, but that requires buying them with 50 gems from the quick offers, and gems come by extremely rarely unless you pay real money.

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