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  • Accidental Innuendo: Has happened a few times.
    • "jpm. Jacktions per minute......Sounded o.k. in my head it didn't sound like Masturbating".Explanation 
    • At a tournament a few days before the previous example, possibly the king of this trope was said by a co-caster. "He's not going to pull out at the last second. He's going to stick it in for the long haul."
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  • Awesome Music: Is a fan of electronic pop music and routinely plugs his favorite tunes in addition to featuring them as a pre-show soundtrack.
  • Epic Fail: The "climb to legend" in Hearthstone, in a couple of ways. The original plan was for Day 9 to reach rank 5, his rank before a ladder reset, from rank 7. However...
    • The entire series itself is one. 14 parts, spanning a few hours, of continually loosing (A few short wins streaks are mixed in, but the losses certainly outnumbered those.) using the decks that he'd planned to win with, against a wide range of different enemy types.
    • In one particular game, day9 deals 32 damage to an enemy, bringing them to 1 health, and looking like a sure win. On the enemy's turn, he/she proceeds to deal 55 damage, one of the highest damage amounts ever seen in the game. (The specific combo used can be difficult to achieve, but deals a lot of damage if successfully carried out, although not usually 55.)
  • Fan Nickname: The THOUGHTHAMMER.
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  • Funny Moments: All the time, though the infamous Chill vs. Combat-Ex game deserves special mention, as does pretty much every Funday Monday.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Has created an autobiographical video of how Starcraft profoundly affected his life. Naturally, some truly emotional moments surface.
  • Memetic Mutation
    • The infamous Chill vs. Combat-Ex game.
    • The number J. Which led to people calling him Day[J].
      • This bears further explanation. In the Day[9] Daily number 200 (~39 minutes in), a Funday Monday where the stipulation is that, in a FFA, you can only attack the person who's name alphabetically comes first (that person can defend, and can attack the next person alphabetically). Day[9] starts to sympathize with the player named "Ben," saying:
      I'm so sorry, Ben. I know you're probably angry with your mother. Probably be like, "Ma, why didn't you name me Zen. Or Win. Or even like Number... J." Number... I'm not funny. Let's go back to the game. Oh shit, that failed. Wow, what that not funny! Holy shit, what happened to that joke?
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    • Uniden, who subsequently managed to qualify for the GSL!
    • The Day9 Scream. Zerg version.
    • Trumpets!

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