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  • Artificial Stupidity: The team of bots you enter solo practice matches with seems to have been built with the intention that you would be a Gladiator. If you pick a Hunter or Tactician, the other bots don't seem to change their Shaper or Role selection. This generally leads to a sort of awkward duo-lane with two Tactician support Shapers, which always seem to go up against and become inevitably overwhelmed by a tri-lane. Of course, if you were hoping to use practice matches to learn to jungle, it wouldn't be very realistic if at least one lane didn't need babysitting.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: The structure of the game's meta is proving to be quite plastic. Tri-lanes and multiple junglers are much more common than they might be in League of Legends or Dota 2. Most characters can be easily made to work and thrive in roles they might not have been designed for. However, most games are played with two Tactician-Gladiator duo lanes and a Hunter in the jungle, even if which characters play those roles is highly variable.
  • Game-Breaker: Phases of what's broken come and go. Patches come on a regular basis and what's a huge problem generally gets addressed at some point. That being said, sometimes a new shaper proves to be a little too powerful, or a new changes does a little too much, and it's not caught until after public release...
    • Voluc. Big lifesteal carry bruiser. He was fine until a set of changes that were a part of a push to give older Shapers passives buffed him beyond belief. Switching his W passive, which used to grant lifedrain, to an innate passive with a magic damage over time mark that healed 100% of the damage it did was way too much for his survivability. To make matters worse, this was just before they went out to Gamescom, and the build of the game with an overpowered Voluc was the one they had on the machines for people to try.
    • Basko. About four dashes (two on E, one on Q, and the one he gets for his ultimate if he lands it), a stun, a slow, a root, an execution ability and a shield was bad enough if the numbers on them weren't also amazing. He still has his powerful utility, but after patching it's harder for him to deal damage and tank than it was before.
      • This is a video of Basko making it from level 1 to 20, starting with the worst possible item, without returning to base to heal or buy more items. It really wasn't fair.
    • Mina. Makes pretty much any lane match-up a nightmare by countering any attempts to poke by generating a shield constantly, any attempts to go in hard by jumping out with a fear, and perfectly complements anyone who can jump right up to their opponents the same way, making playing safe an equally difficult option. She's getting taken down a little bit by bit, but you'll see Mina and Faris teaming up often as Faris' mobility and strong burst combined with Mina's amplifiers and crowd-control allow them to easy secure kills if they're ahead. It's generally accepted Mina's strong skillset is the problem in this equation.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: The Predator role is rarely picked at anything above entry-level ranked matches for its sheer risk, and the reward not being enough to firmly justify it. Extra vim for kills and assists provides little insurance even if the player plays safely, but never secures a kill. Playing Tactician where you might wish to play Predator ensures that you still have a reliable source of income through secondary minion vim. On top of this, the fact that the Predator role is described as focusing on killing enemy Shapers throws off the newer crowd who are learning the game, who would more likely want Gladiator instead, but do not quite understand the game's core structure.
    • Flin. Poor, poor Flin. In the wake of various characters who turned out to be game breakingly powerful on release, Waystone were really wary about setting Flin's power. A tank with incredible clearing speed, teamfight presence and staying power... yet on release he was incredibly underwhelming and lacking in power. His crowd control durations are short for their difficulty to use, given that Thrilling Heroics is a telegraphed delayed skillshot that requires picking Flin back up just to start the cooldown, and only stuns for the standard 1 second. Tweaks aren't coming in that bring him up to any level of notice yet, and he'll be remembered for his poor debut for some time to come.
  • Too Good to Last: Dawngate was shaping up to be a fan favorite, especially with the wake of League of Legends' fan disillusionment on the lore. And then it was suddenly cancelled. Team Waystone was in the midst of hosting a tournament to kickstart Dawngate's competitive community. A new character had been released days before, and a bugfix update was issued little more than twelve hours before the announcement of the closure. The popular public consensus is that the developers had only learned of the closure on the day it happened with little to no warning in the days prior.
  • The Woobie: Vex. Subject to body-modifying experimentation by Petrus, he's given the ability to speak and the immortality necessary to survive the procedures. When he's able to form full sentences, he asks for death. He appears to attack by splintering his own bones and launching the fragments through his skin at high speeds. No real surprise the vitality of Pain chose him.
  • Word of Gay: According to the devs and her bio, Moya is in love with one of her female crew members.