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  • The game's new update lore pages have quite the content. Each Shaper has a window of text, followed by an audio recording of that text being spoken. For some of the quirkier characters, the lore can be absolutely hilarious.
    • Zeri's lore is dictated much like any teenage girl's life of the modern age. Poor spelling, spontaneous and random language, and a conversation aligned left side then right side as if it were an iPhone message conversation. Smilies included.
    • King Of Masks' is written as a play script. Stage commands and all. It is a biased and hilariously played interpretation of himself and Renzo, who disliked his performances and wanted him out. Renzo's lines are performed by the King still impersonating his voice, and are made out to be even more Testosterone Poisoning than the real Renzo... if only by a small amount.
    Renzo: Renzo cannot hear anyone without a mustache right now.
    • Renzo himself has a colourfully written (and performed) description of his gallery of sculptures... and himself. Claiming that visitors will be provided smelling salts in the case of swooning at the sight of his physique. That being said, a lot of the adjectives are written in capital letters, and at the very end in small text Renzo points out his apprentice, Zeri, also has paintings in the lobby. A remark dedicated to exactly one line when the rest of the lore takes up many.

  • Renzo giving a dramatic exposition of his woes in the Chronicles, complete with shirt-ripping action.