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Headscratchers / Dawngate

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  • In the Chronicles, why did Fenmore not kill Freia as soon as she delivered the package to him and told him the name of her village? He obviously intended to at some point, and there was no reason to let her go, surely, and, while he couldn't have foreseen it, it would have saved him a lot of grief later on because she wouldn't have lived to bond with the Spirit of Rage and develop her vendetta against him. He might have been planning to follow her, but he already had the name of the village; he could just find it on a map. So what stayed his hand?
    • The only thing I could possibly imagine is the human error of hesitation. By the time he processed the information and thought through his course of action, Freia was already out of sight, being a courier and all. On top of that, the wording of most explanations makes it seem like Fenmore did not associate Freia with the village, and therefore did not intend to kill her as part of the plan (as far as he knew, she was just a naive delivery girl). It was only when she came back to the scene and she started attacking him that the situation changed.
    • I can believe that hesitation is the most likely hand wave, but page 50 seems to very clearly indicate that Fenmore did intend to kill Freia, even before she attacked him. Besides, there was no reason he wouldn't believe Freia to be from the village based on what she told him, and anyway, even if he didn't, it wouldn't make sense for him not to kill her on top of the rest; my understanding of it is that Fenmore decided to destroy the village to get rid of anyone who could trace the package to him (as One commands on page 31), and of everyone in the village, Freia was not just the one who saw and heard the person who delivered the package the most, but was also the only one who'd be able to recognize Fenmore, and the most likely to remember his name besides.