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  • Complete Monster: Reverend Marsh is the current leader of the Esoteric Order of Dagon and a man awash in his own fanaticism. The father of professor Russell Marsh, Reverend Marsh presides over the Order's secretive machinations through the town of Rivermouth, kidnapping dozens of children and sacrificing them en masse to the Deep Ones. Heavily hinted to have murdered his own wife once she tried to steer Russ away from Marsh's plot, Marsh has a blind child raped, murdered, and nailed to a house once he defies the Order's control and orchestrates his own son's rape to birth him an heir in preparation for the coming apocalypse as the world is swallowed by the sea. After gunning down Rivermouth's sheriff and his partner and showing Russ his eldritch child, Marsh ends the film goading his son to succeed him by having Russ murder his lover Mike as the Order succeeds in awakening the Deep Ones and dooming the world; it is not revealed if Russ kills Mike or the Reverend.

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