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YMMV / Crypt of the Sorcerer

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  • Complete Monster: Razaak, obtaining incredible power after ghastly deeds, becomes a powerful lich after being slain by the hero Kull, who he damns to living death in retribution. Originally seeking to rule Allansia, Razaak furiously spread misery and pestilence, killing many people via plague when being refused. Awakening long after, the lich begins spreading new plagues and draining the life of many victims to turn them into undead slaves. No longer content with ruling the living, Razaak means to kill every living being in Titan to make them his undead servants for all time.
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  • SNK Boss / That One Boss: Razaak is one of the most infamously hard bosses to fight in all the franchise. Not only does he have top stats, but will insta-kill the player if he hits them twice in a row. Which is very likely to happen, even if they have the highest stats possible as well. And this is after getting the right items to protect yourself from his preliminary magic attacks.

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