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YMMV / Chaos Rings I

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  • Nightmare Retardant: Just think of The Agent's resemblance to Emperor Zurg. You're welcome.
  • The Woobie: Alto. You have to feel for the girl: first, her beloved gets effortlessly cut down in front of her. The trauma from that causes her to go Ax-Crazy. Then her revenge fails miserably- no matter the scenario- because she doesn't have a partner to fight alongside.
  • Fridge Logic: If the Ark Arena really is designed to be played as a tournament, why would there initially be five couples?
    • Did you feel sorry for killing all of those people? Fear not! At the true end of the game, the Almighty gives everyone the option of returning home at the time they choose. Everyone chooses the point before they were summoned. This means that everyone who they ever killed in the tournament is now back to life. Except for the Qualia, because it was killed permanently at a point where all time converged.
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    • Everybody chooses to return at the exact same time they left, including Zhamo. Eluca is surprised at this seeing as she was about to execute him at that point but he brushes it off saying that now they can work together to bring down the Divine King. Pretty noble except for one small detail: earlier in the game they explicitly said Eluca was about to execute Zhamo...after she had already killed his parents. And he wants to go back to a point literally moments after they were killed? WHAT THE HELL?
    • Also, Ayuta is frozen after every Ark Arena and revived a few years before each tournament every 10,000 years with only the vague, subconscious instruction to fall in love. It is mentioned that the tournament in Chaos Rings is the 2003rd tournament, which means that including his original love, Theia, Ayuta has had two thousand and four lovers!!
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    • It's very possible that this number of lovers is less. Ayuta losing, being put into cold sleep, and revived to find a new partner on Earth is indeed a possibility of a tournament, but it's also mentioned that the other scenario is him actually winning and going on to create a new race of humans with his partner. Presumably, he'll keep the same partner for the next Ark Arena, since the rules are that each warrior is partnered with the person of the opposite sex they care most deeply for, and for a victorious Ayuta that would presumably be the woman he won the previous tournament with and spent literally 10,000 years with. He'd probably retain that partner until he lost again. So unless Ayuta lost literally all the Ark Arena tournaments (except the last one, where he wins in his story in one timespace), it's very likely that the actual number of lovers is less. How much less is unknown.

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