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YMMV / Bottle Fairy

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  • Ear Worm: The opening song.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: At least one excellent example.
  • Les Yay: Except the fairies are all too naive to notice. Tense romantic/sexual situations have been instantly resolved by their realising they haven't a ruddy clue what's actually going on anyway, then getting distracted by something else entirely.
  • Lost in Translation: The anime relies too much in many very specific stuff about Japanese culture and it's very difficult to adapt entirely, especially in English.
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  • Moe
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Even the people who like it admit that it's literally condensed cuteness. It's been known to be used as a benchmark for loving cute things — if you can't stand it, you're a poser.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Has its moments, including a Seppuku fantasy and Hororo's "I'm your Valentine gift" bit. It was marketed as a children's series in the states, though.

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