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  • Awesome Moments: When Andy tries to get under his new teacher's skin by breaking every rule he can, only to find out that Ms Livingstone has dealt with mosquitoes bigger than him. The crowning moment would have to be when Andy draws an offensive picture of her saying "I'm stupid", only for Ms Livingstone to respond by drawing an even less flattering caricature of Andy that the entire class found hilarious.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • "Cake of Doom" is pretty much Andy trying to justify why he never does anything nice for his sister.
    • "Kittens, Puppies and Ponies" ends with Andy coming to the conclusion that Lisa enjoys gross-out stories. With later books focusing less on Andy's adventures and more on his writing, this could be seen as him trying to impress Lisa in more productive ways.
  • Fridge Horror: Just Doomed! was released in 2012. As of 2019, it's still the last in the Just...! series.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Andy's father and sister are always shown as temperamental, but anyone who has to live with Andy would turn out the same way. His more patient mother is a straight-up woobie.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: The very first story has Andy faking his death and his parents deciding to bury him alive as punishment. Obviously he wasn't going to be killed off is his very first story.
  • Squick:
    • The cover art.
    • Over the series, Andy has:
      • Been forced to drink slugs
      • Wet the bed
      • Regurgitated a mouthful of marshmallows in front of Lisa
      • Been trapped in a garbage truck
    • As befitting its title, Just Disgusting is pure Nausea Fuel.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Andy's short story "Kittens, Puppies and Ponies" is insufferably sweet in an attempt to appeal to the judges of a short story competition who are biased towards girly stuff. When he loses anyway, Andy decides to rewrite the story to be as gory as possible out of frustration.
  • Tearjerker:
    • Ms Livingstone mentions on one adventure how she and her husband were trapped in a chasm. Her husband died before she did and she was forced to eat him for survival. Unlike all the other gross-out moments in the series, this moment is dead serious.
    • One chapter in Just Doomed! has Andy not doing anything remotely inane. He's just trying to enjoy an ice-cream. Unfortunately he's pressured by Danny, Jen and Lisa of all people into letting them have a taste, which turns out to be a huge chunk. By the end of the chapter Andy's left with the tip of a cone that's snatched by a flock of seagulls and he's forced to savour a single drop of ice-cream on the ground.
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    • In the penultimate chapter of Just Doomed!, Andy gets his best chance ever at kissing Lisa in a school play. Through a series of complications, he ends up being replaced with Danny, who kisses Lisa without a single screw-up. At the after-party Andy sees that Lisa is holding Danny's hand and goes into denial, claiming Lisa's still in character.

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