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YMMV / Alone, Together

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The Fanfic:

  • Les Yay: At first the story averts this. It takes YEARS of being the only ones in the dimension they end up in for Kim and Shego to even become friends, much less lovers. The story eventually plays it straight, spending the needed time to make their love and closeness believable.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Imagine leaving your workplace to head home and discovering that no one is around. Anywhere. At all. You're all alone in a world of emptiness. And live like that for 20+ years. Go Mad from the Isolation indeed.
    • The locusts...oh my god the locusts...
    • Shego removing Kim's appendix based on what she can learn from frantically flipping through medical textbooks, constantly afraid that one wrong move will kill her.

The Webcomic:
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Gallacci does a real nice work on portraying the characters from both sides, possibly even more than in his previous work: Despite their physical and political differences, both Jerom and Danni's sides aren't complete assholes and both sides have decent people with morals, to the grade to the Imperial captain and his crew not only ruined a coup d'etat against the Emperor and saving Danni's life along the way, they also even saved Jerom's own life, despite they were not under any obligation to do so, partly because he was nice towards Danni and he didn't try to rape or abuse her, something both Danni and her seniors were surprised to find out. The fact all the characters are animals makes the message even more stronger.
    • Also, be nice with your fellow person because it will end saving your life at the end.
  • Values Dissonance: A meta-example: Some fans criticized Gallacci for making Jerom to beat the lights out of Danni on the grounds Danni is a young girl and Jerom is an old man and they could solved the situation in a less violent way. Gallacci basically berated the users who suggested that dumb idea taking into account he is a war veteran and he knows beforehand how hellish a war can be, not to mention the fact Danni could be glad Jerom only wiped the floor with her, rather than doing something even worse with her instead.


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