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Trivia / Alone, Together

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The Fanfic:

  • Ascended Fanon: Shego being molested by her father as a little girl was originally not part of her backstory, but when one reader interpreted her freakout over a magazine that featured a young girl dressed provocatively on the cover as signs of a history of sexual abuse, the author decided to run with it.

The Webcomic:

  • Reality Subtext: Jerom's grumpy and somewhat fatalist personality comes with the fact Gallacci, the author, has faced many personal hardships, including the death of his wife and many members of both his family and personal friends, not to mention the fact he is seriously questioning why people are willing to kill and die for. This is especially meaningful for him, as Gallacci was a Vietnam War veteran and a former Desk Jockey.
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  • Trolling Creator: Gallacci does this twice: He draw two erotic pin-ups, one between Jerom and Danni together naked, and another one between Danni and an female Imperial officer, a very minor character of the story while both images implies the whole thing is the product of the horny imagination of the fans just to fuel up the UST between Danni and Jerom.


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