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What An Idiot / Australian Survivor

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Much like its American equivalent, the Australian series has seen its fair share of idiotic moves...

WARNING: Spoilers ahead are unmarked. You have been warned.

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     In General 
  • Revealing that you have a secret advantage or Hidden Immunity Idol and assuming that people will not use it against you.
  • Not playing a Hidden Immunity Idol when there might be the slightest chance of you going home. Often times, people have been voted out of the game with an idol in their pocket. Even worse if you do not even bring it to Tribal Council.
  • Not taking out the biggest threat in the game and going to the Final Tribal Council with them. You are guaranteed to not become the Sole Survivor if you do that, as you will be seen by the jury as a coattail rider at best and a goat at worst.
  • Having somebody on the bottom state to you that they have a Hidden Immunity Idol, and you did not ask for them to physically show it to you.
  • Every year, teams are merged about halfway through the season. Every year, all contestants are stunned and bewildered at this shocking, unforeseen twist.

  • After the second swap, Phoebe finds herself as the main target, but her ally Rohan has an idol and gives it to her to use. She informs him to put his vote on Sue that night so she would go home instead.
    You'd Expect: That he would do as he was told.
    Instead: He puts his vote on Kat instead after the two have a fight in Tribal Council.
    As a Result: After Phoebe plays the idol, the vote ends up being one vote Kat, one vote Sue, and two votes for Rohan, meaning that he pretty much accidentally voted himself out.
  • At the merge, the Samatau Alliance are scrambling to form a plan to take out Luke. Michelle, however, is getting concerned that she isn't being pulled aside to discuss strategy and shares her concerns with Tessa.
    You'd Expect: That Tessa reassures Michelle that she's a solid number.
    Instead: She straight up tells Michelle that she's at the bottom of the Samatau Alliance.
    As a Result: Michelle is not pleased to hear this to say the least, and flips to the Asaga Four along with Henry and Locky resulting in Tessa's ally Jarrad getting blindsided.
  • At the final ten, a plan is set into motion to blindside Henry. Just before the votes are read at Tribal Council, Henry's ally Locky senses that something is up and tells him to play his idol.
    You'd Expect: That Henry would realise that something is up and play his idol.
    Instead: He doesn't.
    As a Result: Henry is blindsided and becomes the first Australian to be voted out with an idol in his pocket.
     Champions vs. Contenders (2018) 
  • Even for all his previous blunders on the US version, Russell Hantz is brought onto the show as a "Champion".
    You'd Expect: That after three seasons of being proven he isn't the greatest player ever, with the last season he played on involving people who actually know what he's capable of, he'd actually play differently for a change, or at least figure that what worked back home may not work with the Aussies.
    Instead: He decides to boast about his perceived greatness from his very first confessional, and upon arriving at camp, immediately starts hunting for idols and forms an alliance with Monika, aka a former Miss Australia, reasoning she'd be like Natalie, seemingly forgetting the latter beat him back in Samoa by playing up her perceived stupidity.
    As a Result: He is seen as an immediate threat and people are thinking of voting him out.
    Later On: To try and take some heat off him, he has the bright idea of flaunting his idol out in the open, while also creating multiple alliances to get people confused and to ensure at least a split in votes. At Tribal itself, he even wears it like his own personal Immunity Necklace, flip-flopping between saying he will and won't play it.
    You'd Expect: That he play it safe and use his idol, just to ensure he can survive the night.
    Instead: He doesn't.
    As a Result: The vote is split as predicted, but because he never played his idol at all, the re-vote allows him to be almost unanimously voted out by the tribe, just to finally get rid of him.
  • Another missed idol play at the final ten of a season: At Tribal Council, Sharn suddenly stands up and announces that she's going to play her idol on Mat. Benji, who is planning on blindsiding Mat that night, then scrambles and persuades her to play it on herself. Flustered, she complies and plays it for herself.
    You'd Expect: That Mat would realise that there may just be a plot to take him out, and play his idol to cover himself.
    Instead: He doesn't.
    As a Result: Mat ends up voted out with an idol in his pocket.
  • The very next episode, Benji finds himself a target. He checks in with Brian after the Immunity Challenge to make sure he's still onboard.
    You'd Expect: That Benji would tell a somewhat credible lie to keep Brian on side.
    Instead: He tells Brian that Sharn is planning to vote him out that night, completely oblivious to the fact that Brian is wearing the Immunity Necklace as he's talking to him.
    As a Result: Brian realises that Benji cannot be trusted, and he and Monika turn on him that night, managing to send him out of the game on the revote despite Shonee playing her Vote Steal to save him. For bonus points, Benji also walks out of the game with an idol in his pocket.
  • This next blunder is inexcusable: At the final six, Brian's alliance has a 4-2 majority against the pairing of Sharn and Shane. Shonee and Fenella want them to split the vote to trigger a 2-2-2 tie in case one of the women have an idol, with the intention of taking out one of them on the revote. The girls plan to put their votes on Sharn, while Brian and Monika will vote for Shane.
    You'd Expect: That Brian would stick with the plan and put his vote on Shane.
    Instead: He changes his vote to Sharn because he's so annoyed with her after that night's Tribal Council.
    As a Result: Sharn indeed does play an idol, and because Shane only gets one vote, Fenella is idoled out of the game having gotten two votes. For bonus points, this boneheaded move pisses off Shonee big time, and she turns on Brian right afterwards.
     All Stars 
  • It's the final nine, and Jonathan has revealed to the tribe that the next two votes will see three players with the highest votes (and six in total) be sent to Exile Beach to take part in two re-entry challenges. The three players who fail to win both challenges will be up for elimination at the next vote.
    You'd Expect: That the principle of "looking out for number one" would be kept in mind.
    Instead: Zach (who is in the majority Mokuta alliance) has the bright idea of volunteering himself to go to Exile, confident that he can win his way back into the game because he believes that it would look good on his resume to have come back from Exile twice. He fails to win both challenges and thus is vulnerable at the next vote.
    As a Result: Jacqui flips on the Mokuta alliance and Zach is voted out in a 4-3-2 vote. Even worse - when Zach explained his decision to the other players on Exile, AK immediately called him out in a confessional for how moronic his plan was.

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