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Darkside of the Internet in Mat "Welshy" Williams' contribution to The Uncanny Valley. Unlike the others, it is a serious documentary about online dangers, including stalking, privacy concerns, and especially cyberbullying.

Narration is by Holly Christine Brown, and interviewees include Jill Bearup (Stuff You Like), Jonathan Burkhardt (ChaosD1), Allison Pregler (Ninja the Mission Force), Mathew Buck (Bad Movie Beatdown, Projector), Shea Koshan, Phelan Porteous (Phelous), and Lewis Lovhaug (Atop the Fourth Wall, History of Power Rangers). Julien Diaz (Sad Panda) and William Dufresne (That Dude in the Suede) provide illustrative sketches.


Can be watched here.

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