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Trans Ponies is an unfinished My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan-comic by Tristanjsolarez that revolves around Rainbow Dash transitioning into living as a stallion.

The story begins when Rainbow Dash comes back home after seven months. He had left Ponyville to transition and has now come back after his transition is over. While at a party to celebrate coming back, Rainbow Dash is invited to a trans ponies support group.


This comic provides examples of:

  • Art Evolution: The comic's art has developed over time. Most noticeably, it's also changed from hand-drawn to computer-drawn.
  • Coming-Out Story: Trans Ponies revolves around Rainbow coming out and how his transition affects his life.
  • Dead Fic: The comic hasn't updated since May 2015.
  • Easy Sex Change: In Equestria, ponies don't worry about hormones or surgery. There's a magical procedure that automatically changes your body. The transition takes a few months.
  • Fur Is Skin: The Original Character Sketchpad has dark orange fur and a black mane.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Big Macintosh's friend Tex is a G1 pony.
    • Rainbow Dash's mother is Firefly from G1. Rainbow is an expy of Firefly.
  • Pretty Boy: Tex isn't feminine but he's softer looking than Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh. Rainbow outright calls him a "pretty boy".
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  • Related in the Adaptation: Rainbow Dash is Firefly's son.
  • Raging Stiffie: At the start of volume 2, Rainbow Dash wakes up with one after having a dream where he kisses Applejack. He has to take a cold shower afterwards.
  • Transgender: Rainbow Dash is trans and comes out in the first few pages.

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