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The Clover Club is a coming of age comedy/drama webcomic done in a manga style. When Konri starts off on his first day at a brand new, fancy all-boy’s school, he’s invited to join... the Clover Club.

Read the comic here.

  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: Pretty much every single character that’s not Korni’s mom is a pretty guy with either long or otherwise implausible hair and a hot slender bishonen bod. Complete with at least one gay couple, even though the genre doesn’t seem to be outright BL.
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  • Curtains Match the Windows: Korni has purple hair and purple eyes. And purple clothes...
  • Colorful Name Meaning: Azuri Bleu, who of course has blue eyes, a blue hoodie, and a blue ponytail.
  • Doting Parent: Mom is a bit embarrassingly loving.
  • Late for School: It’s his first day ever so of course Korni’s going to be late.
  • One-Gender School
  • Un Sound Effect: Glance, glare.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: So far Hanako seems to be subverting this by being an overall nice guy, regardless of his mysterious white hair. It’s probably the glasses.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: The main character has purple hair, but what’s the first thing he comments on? How unusual Hanako’s hair is—because you don’t see white hair outside of anime.

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