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Dark Wick is a webcomic about a legacy of Supervillains (the Wick Family) created by Marty Basto.

The main cast consists of:

  • Emmet Wick/Dark Wick, who is suddenly exposed to the family legacy
  • Dr. W(ick), Emmets father and the current Wick who protected his son from the legacy until he was incarcerated
  • Mr. Kirk, right hand man and close friend of Dr. W
  • The Maestro, another supverillian modelled after the Pied Piper legend

It features a large cast of minor superpowered characters, with the bulk of them being villains.

Dark Wick provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Badass Normal: Dr. Wick definitely having only superintelligence. Kirk to a (slighty) lesser degree. Emmet is still chasing the Badass part
  • The Chessmaster: Sissi is an entire organisation of those. But Kirk deserves a special mention for regular in comic displays.
  • Deal with the Devil: This is how the Wick legacy started. Also includes Love Makes You Evil.
  • The Faceless: Dr. Wick classifies, but only as far as the audience is concerned. Nearly everyone in the comic knows his face.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Dr. Wick modified his eyes so he can let them glow, just so he can invoke this trope.
  • In the Back: Applied to the previous Wick how Lord Wick activated his Wick Gene. Also done by Takahasi to Dr. Wick early on in the story.
  • Legacy Character: A whole Villanious legacy. Dr. Wick and Emmet Wick are the current ones. But the Zombified General Wick - the Doctors grandfather - is also around
  • Magic Genetics: Zigzagged. For a Wick accepting the legacy and getting his powers is called "activating the Wick Gene". But it was clarified this is based on an ancient deal/curse made with Lucifer rather then actuall genetics.
  • Mook: Every Wick has a "theme army". Father Wick had Demons[1]. Sorceress Wick had Witches and Mages[2]. General Wick had Mercenaries. Doctor Wick has Zombies. Readers speculate that Emmet will likely use robots build by Vicky.
  • Most Common Superpower: Lt. Glory
  • Necessarily Evil: The Wick legacy is build up around this concept. The wicks themself bring Evil and Chaos into the world so people appreciate thier security and freedom and do not take it for granted. They only do so until "true evil" comes back [3]
  • Our Zombies Are Different: Dr. Wick created and distributed his Zombie virus to give him access to minions on demand. Turns out they aren't even Zombies, only controlled normal people. [4]
  • Stripperiffic: Lt. Glories outfit. It is explained with her needing a lot of energy to turn textiles invisible, so she has to wear "as little as legally possible".
  • Villain Protagonist: Practically everyone.