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Dragon's Layer Productions is a YouTube channel for Let's Plays, (rather free of needless criticism)video game reviews(in a post-apocalyptic wasteland), one minute rants, riffs on commercials for useless products, and a fledging Podcast about gaming in general known as "Gamers Without Borders". Known also as Doug Hancox, or Test Zero(named after his aforementioned review), Dragon's Layer Productions is a minor, yet well-made and interesting persona on youtube, and highly worth checking out (albeit not incredibly popular).

Real Life has always made the site hard to maintain and update. On January 18, 2013, they announced an indefinite hiatus on the site. Here's to 4 years of awesome entertainment!TZ has since gone back to posting new content when he can.

It can be found at his youtube channel, and it can also be found in the creator's blog here.

These video series provide examples of:

  • Ascended Fanboy: Kotaro, a fan of TZ's, is occasionally consulted by TZ himself for brainstorming. See also The Cameo below.
  • Awful Truth: When reviewing Sonic, he had no restraints in complaining about anything he had problems with, including the control scheme.
  • Caustic Critic: Averted. Though he will pick on certain aspects of the game, all of the reviews are fair and will not Accentuate the Negative to the point where the entire review becomes a slam on the game.
  • The Cameo:
    • One episode of the "Video Game Bunker" ended with a voice communication from "Kotaro" (see Ascended Fanboy above). A later episode also featured Cassini (aka, "SwichWitch") as the computer system "M.A.I.A."
    • "Commercial Failure" also featured a brief cameo by The Gaming Pixie.
    • TZ himself cameoed in one of the Fanfiction Critic's reviews. Later, she appeared in an episode of Commercial Failure.
  • Crossover: More than once, TZ has appeared (as a Tauren, and once as himself) alongside the Media Hunter.
  • Fridge Logic: From "TZ's Answering Machine": Why would Kotaro record his questions as three separate messages?
  • Let's Play: One of the major older features of his channel.
  • MST: In the series "Commercial Failure," TZ makes fun of ads for the most worthless products he can find.
  • Orphaned Series:
    • The One Minute Rants did not last long. Supposedly, he ran out of things to rant about.
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    • "Video Game Bunker" as well, partway into its second season: TZ has retired the character of Zero, and has replaced VGB with a new review show called "The Test Chamber."
  • Podcast: Has one called Gamers Without Borders. It frequents guest appearances by many people in the game fandom community and others.
  • Series Mascot: Three of them, all stuffed animals:
    • Commander Odo the walrus, in "Video Game Bunker."
    • Major Ursa the polar bear in "Commercial Failure."
    • The as-yet unnamed purple dragon generally seen in the background of "Commercial Failure."
  • Story Arc: Test Zero intends to add these to the Video Game Bunker starting with Season Two. As for whether this will cause the series to grow a beard or a shark, only time will tell.


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