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There will be a card based on the Catapult Turtle/Castle of Dark Illusions situation from the Atem/Player Killer of Darkness duel.
After the card based on the Yugi/Ryota Kajiki duel, anything is possible these days.
  • Proposed title: Catapult Launch - This card can only be activated when you have Catapult Turtle on your side of the field. Sacrifice one monster on your side of the field (other than Catapult Turtle) to destroy all your opponent's monsters. Skip your battle phase the turn this card is activated.
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  • Alternatively: Continuous Spell. Once per turn, if you control a Level 5 WATER-Attribute Monster, you can tribute a face-up monster you control, destroy one face-up monster your opponent controls, and if the tributed monster had more ATK than any other monster on the field, destroy all monsters on your opponent's side of the field. Your opponent takes no Battle Damage the turn you activate this effect.
If Shien and the Six Samurai are based on Oda Nobunaga's life, it's possible for the other Sengoku Basara figures to get cards of their own.

Red-Eyes Black Dragon is Alduin.
Seriously, just look at them.

Evilswarm Kerykeion will infect another world.
According to the fluff, Evilswarm Kerykeion is Constellar Rasalhague, who has used the Gishki Aquamirror to fuse itself with the thee corrupted Ice barrier Dragons. Ostensibly, she is not evil, in part due to Rasalhague being good in the first place. But she still contains the L-Swarm Virus in her, and as such may infect the next world that she and Constellar Sombres go to, now that the Duel Terminal world is gone.
  • Actually, according to Word of God, the Two Sacred Serpents no longer have their "older form" and the Duel Terminal World doesn't get finished with a Reset Button Ending. It continued to the third season.
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  • With the addition of the Zefra archetype we have a version of Kerykeion that is part of the Shaddolls and Zefra archetypes: Jesshaddoll - Zefra Naga.

The Maldolche archetype has something to do with Kyubey.
Too cute? Check. Magical Girl theme? Check. Trolling and infuriating under the cutesy surface? Check. Just. Won't. Die?! Check.

Sophia has some relation with Noden, Nyarla and Cthugha.
These three cards fulfill part of Sophia's summoning requirements, and Trapezehedron of Taboo can speed this process up.

Shien taught the second generation of Six Samurai Chronicbackstabbing Disorder
Among the legendary Six Samurai, Shi En is the only one that can destroy another Six Samurai to prevent his own destruction. Conversely, the original Six Samurai (their predecessors) all do, but their support monsters (who are aged-up versions of the Legendary ones) do not, except, again, for Shien.

Blackwing archetype is connected with the Mist Valley archetype.
They got re-released in Tribal Force and they're Winged-Beast Synchro Archetypes.

Shurit/Necroz of Trishula will be the Shaddoll's next victim.
As Necroz of Trishula, Shurit is Level 9, the only Level not covered by the El Shaddoll Fusion Monsters. Wen was the Level 6 Fusion Monster because Wen means evil in the Ainu language.
  • El Shaddoll Trishula maybe? And if it has a similar effect to its predecessors, may the gods have mercy on us all...
    • At least Construct would not be so lonely on the banlist anymore.
  • There are also only three different Level 9 WATER Monsters: Big Whale, and Necroz of Trishula, and Trishula. Trishula is already dead and Big Whale isn't part of the Duel Terminal story, so...
  • Confirmed and jossed. Shurit isn't corrupted by the Shaddolls, but Trishula's armor is taken by Construct and she combines with Infernoid Lilith, becoming El Shaddoll Anomalilith (anomaly + Lilith).
    • Addendum to this: 'Frozen Void' shows Lilith attacking Shekhinaga (and by extension Construct) in a frozen lake. Hence Lilith is the aggressor, not Construct, and Shurit attempts to use Trishula's power to stop her, but Lilith is able to use the power for her own benefits, seizing control of Construct and becoming Anomalilith. (N.B. Name just clicked as she is an anomaly because she is not an ally of the Shaddolls)

The game would be a lot more popular if they could program a video game more like the anime
Sure you got your duel simulators, you got your weird early installments, you got odd sidebars. But if they ever got that kind of game right, a lot of those monsters would be house hold names beyond just nerdy card collectors. Hell imagine it as a war simulator even.

The Zefra archetype will oppose the Qli and Infernoid archetypes
Their trump card being a version of Sophia, such as Nekroz of Sophia; or a Pendulum variant.

The 1/4/15 Banlist will cripple the Metagame, barring one deck...
Because this always seems to happen...
  • The Dragon Rulers are all but extinct now; Qlis were hit with Scout at 2 and Saqlifice at one; Tour Guide was Limited due to Burning Abyss, and Nekroz got their search cards clipped in the form of Brionac and PoR. The only decks that weren't hit were 'tellarknights', 'Shaddolls and Ritual Beasts.

The cover card of Clash of Rebellion is going to be Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon's Rank-Up version
The spoilers for ARC-V's episode 46 indicates that Dark Rebellion is going to have a Rank-Up and it fits to the name of the set. We don't know anything about Yuri's dragon, but since there is already a black dragon, it's probably not Yuri's dragon.
  • The cover will most likely be Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon - an Xyz Pendulum monster.
  • Confirmed.

The Claw of Hermos' Fusion Material requirements.
Hermos' real life effect states that it requires you to send a monster with the same Type as the monster you are attempting to Fusion Summon with its effect. As a result, the Types for each of Hermos' Fusion Monsters will be as follows: Time Magic Hammer - Spellcaster (the word "Magic" in the name is a dead give away), Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword - Dragon (again, pretty obvious), Rocket Hermos Cannon - Warrior (cannons are usually paired up with Warrior-Types the most), Big Bang Dragon Blow - Machines (as a way of getting around not having to make Big Bang Blow into a real card without the rest of the Armor Archetype), and Goddess Bow - Fairy (the word "Goddess" just seems to fit the best with Fairy-Types).
  • Also, they will all be union monsters with 0 ATK & DEF. Because originally, they were equip spells, but fusion summoning an equip spell is super iffy with the rules.
  • (Half-)Jossed: Goddess Bow requires a Warrior-Type monster following the anime, where Yugi used the Warrior-Type Queen's Knight to make it, and Big Bang Dragon Blow wasn't printed at all. Additionally, the Fusion Monsters summoned by Hermos have the exact same stats as the monsters they're based on, but they're forced to be equipped to another monster when summoned.

Kozmool Wickedwitch isn't the true bad guy of the Kozmo archetype.
The true villain is a combination of the Wizard of Oz and Emperor Palpatine.

There will be a Link/Pendulum Monster at some point
Why the hell not? We have Fusion/Pendulum, Synchro/Pendulum, and Xyz/Pendulum, after all. Not to mention, a few Pendulum-supporting Link Monsters were released in the OCG-only LINK VRAINS Pack.
  • In a similar vein to Odd-Eyes Rebellion, Odd-Eyes Raging, and Hope Magician, a face-up Link/Pendulum Monster in the Extra Deck can be Pendulum Summoned back to the Field so long as its Link Rating is within the range of the currently active Pendulum Scales.
  • One problem would be just figuring out how to format the frame could cause a massive headache. But if they do, they can also perhaps incorporate the Link Spell mechanic the anime introduced in season 2 and have them have pendulum effects that interact with things they point to, while in the pendulum zone.

The strongest World Legacy monster is actually a Link Monster with a Link Rating of 7.
According to the Flavor Text of "Chosen by the World Chalice", there are 7 World Legacies in total. A World Legacy Link Monster with a Link Rating of 7 is a possible logical conclusion of all the 7 World Legacies.

When they introduce Speed Duels in the real card game, one Skill will give you access to your pendulum zones
Currently, it is impossible to Pendulum Summon in a speed duel - unless they rule otherwise, you can't use the two zones that you would normally put pendulum cads in to set the scales. If they don;t rue that your outer spell/traps zones can be used as pendulum zones (giving you access to both them and your 3 regular zones), then a skill could let you do it.

Demiurgear the World Divine Tool, and by extension, the other World Legacy artifacts, are possibly Qliphort monsters.

Demiurgear the World Divine Tool has a Qliphort-like aesthetic if you look closely and they're Machine monsters.

Rush Duel cards will be compatible with regular cards, and major sets will have a mix of both for the duration of the Sevens era.
The anime exists in part to advertise the card game. So if Rush Duels are going to be real, and the main character's ace is a Rush Duel card, then Rush Duel cards are important enough to use in organized play. Which either the game is going to get rebooted, and Rush Duels will be the main format for now on, or any Rush Duel card can be used in regular format games (much like Speed Duel cards). And in addition to the fandom revolt that would occur if all the old cards were no longer valid, the fact that they tweaked the Master Rules seems to indicate that they are sticking with it. So you can mix-and-match in the main game.

From this, the first Rush Duel Product, presumably a Starter Deck for the format, will also be this year's Starter Deck for the game as a whole, a product curiously absent from the current product lineup.

Dharc the Dark Charmer is the protagonist of a harem anime in some other world.

Witchcrafter Madame Verre is pulling off a Purah through unknown means and is much older than she looks.

The Live Twin and Evil Twin archetypes take place in the Security Force Universe.

Artwork for Booby Game indicates that I:P Masquerena possibly tricked Kisikil and Lilla.


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