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  • Why are there so many cards that have initials in them? "Red-Eyes B. Dragon", "Lord of D.", and so on. If they can have cards with an Overly Long Name like "Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1", I don't see why they can't be bothered to put the full name in there.
    • I don't have an answer for "Lord of D.", but I'm fairly sure that "Black" was either shortened or removed to avoid Unfortunate Implications.
    • When these cards came out in English, Upper Deck was obsessed with not upsetting conservative Christians: the Ankh in Monster Reborn was completely redrawn because it looked too much like a cross (even though the ankh predates Christianity by almost 3 millennia); Angel-Type was changed to Fairy-Type and almost all halos were removed; Demon-Type was changed to Fiend-Type and many horns & wings were removed because... well, they were demons, obviously; Daemon (literally), or Arch-Demon (connotationally), were originally omitted entirely, leading to a massive Continuity Snarl when cards like Summoned Daemon, Daemon Axe, and Lesser Daemon were renamed Summoned Skull, Axe of Despair, and Lesser Fiend, yet later on the "Daemon" archetype was created, leading to necessary reminder text being errata'd in to explain that these and other cards were, in fact, "Archfiend" cards; the words "god" and "goddess" were entirely removed, or the cards left untranslated (Gyakutenno Megami - Gyakuten no Megami, trans. Turnabout Goddess, a reference to Turnabout Courtroom, aka Ace Attorney); Black was universally removed and replaced with either Dark or B. (as with REBD) not because of racial implications but because of its connotations with Black Magic (Dark Magician & Girl are actually Black Magician and Black Magician Girl, for example), with the SOLE exception being Witch of the Black Forest (since the Black Forest is a very real place in Europe); Hexagrams appearing prominently in artwork was removed because it was the Seal of Solomon, aka the Star of David. Lord of D. was shortened because "Lord of Dragons" sounded like a reference to Satan. And other cards were renamed just for the !@$% of it.
      • Eventually, some cards, like Goddess with the Third Eye, crept into the game, and once Konami threw out Upper Deck as the publisher in the West, the whole idea of not upsetting Christians went right out the door. While overt religious symbols are still edited out (no mandalas, no pentagrams or hexagrams, no crosses, etc.), and "Demon" is left out (the game is SUPPOSED to be marketed to smaller kids, after all), the terms Angel and God/Goddess are commonplace, although the Fairy-Type remains as such for rules-continuity sake. The most telling of which is that almost EVERY Red-Eyes monster, except the original (again, rules-continuity) actually retains the term "Black" from its Japanese counterpart - Red-Eyes Black Flare Dragon, The Black Stone of Legend, Black Metal Dragon, etc.
      • However, some cards need initials in their name. "G.B. Hunter" was intended to be used as an anti-"Gladiator Beast" card. In this case, the initials are used because if the card was named "Gladiator Beast Hunter", "Gladiator Beast" support cards would work with it.
  • What the heck is with the designs of the Zefra cards? The Pendulum Cards don't allow you to summon cards outside of Zefra and X archetype, meaning that this goes against making a hybrid deck of all the archetypes this deck is trying to bring together. And not only that, we had generic Scale 7s without these limitations since Pendulum Summoning's inception. And some of their regular effects don't mesh with the individual decks at all. Aside from he in-story lore, what's the point of a deck that's supposed to benefit individual decks while also being able to unite them, but done in a way that does neither?
    • This isn't entirely accurate. See this article for an example (fourth option) In addition, it can be argued that the main point is to use the archetypes Extra Deck summonings over Pendulum Summoning their members (which largely work best or can work without Pendulum Summons).

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