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Leo Isn't Lying.
Leo often pokes fun at Aeris with Your Mom jokes. An example can be seen here (chosen for no other reason than an example). Whether he knows it or not, he might be right. It would explain why Aeris is so ticked by these jokes (again, see the example). It would also mean it's very possible she is an illegitimate child and/or never knew her father, which in turn might explain her deep-seated rage towards all living things. Of course, if he's right about this and he doesn't know it, that makes this instance difficult (thought possible) to explain...
  • Why does Leo's mother look like Aeris?
    • It's the hairstyle.
    • Oedipus Rex.
    • She doesn't really look like her…

Leo is capable of dying as many times as he wants without it being permanent.
Through the use of Save Scumming?

VG Cats will start updating again
  • Jossed.
    • It's sad when in 2 months you've added 2 comics... and it's considered a great improvement.
  • Confirmed.
In Super Effective, Red, Blue and Green will each get an Eevee.
Eevee started out with three possible evolutions, and there are three leads. As the main character, Red can get his Eevee the canonical in-game way, while Blue and Green use
alternate methods.This doesn't mean, however, that any of them will use or even keep their evolved Eevees long... As the rival, Blue seems the most likely to evolve one just to get an entry on it and then stick it in storage.
Green's comment about tentacles, while funny, is really the start of a reeeeeeally long Brick Joke.
Scott Ramsoomair has decided to try to beat 8-bit Theater's record for longest brick joke ever. Eventually Green's tentacles comment will be brought back when the Surfing portion of the game is reached, and she gets attacked by Tentacools. When ensnared by some tentacle's she'll proclaim that she was "...just joking! I don't really like tentacles!" and then Red will surf up to save the day. Now, it may not seem like it will take as many strips as 8-bit Theater took to resolve, but due to VG Cats time, it may take decades for it to come full circle.
Leo and Aeris are a married couple or in a relationship.
While it would be a struggling one, it kind of seems as though each of them has love for the other, as seen in The Perfect Gift.

Leo actually did get erased from existence and Aries regretted it heavily.
She then began imagining he was there with her or she stopped herself from killing Leo.