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Headscratchers / VG Cats

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  • Has it ever been explained how Aeris and Leo are related to each other? Are they siblings? Roommates? Cousins? Boyfriend/Girlfriend? Or is it left deliberately vague?
    • With all of the ship teasing over the course of the series, and that they apparently met for the first time in school where Aeris seemingly developed a crush on Leo, they probably aren't related. (Of course Solid Snake was bullying her, so any canon that strip represented is up for debate.)
    • They definitely aren't related, but they've known each other for a long time.
      • Some of the more recent strips confirms this. They appear to have been friends since childhood (maybe around 10?), and being that we see each of their mothers separately...
  • In "Conglaturation", how exactly is Dot Matrix holding a Null without her energy being drained?
    • How did Enzo's hat and Glitch make it out of the game?
  • Would somebody be so kind to explain the joke with the last few panels in this strip?
    • The joke is that Dr. Hobo had been killed off a few years ago.