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Emma Watson becomes the ruler of the planet after axing the devil to death
  • She also becomes a real witch by drinking the devils blood.
Paul Rudd becomes the last man on the planet.
  • He was shown to survive the giant sinkhole and since he just ran off in fright after caving in the girl's head with his foot by mistake, he's most likely not gonna get raptured.
    • And he gets together with the last woman to repopulate the Earth. That woman's name? Emma Watson.
The cannibals ate Emma Watson.
  • So that's were Danny got his skull hat
    • Unlikely given that if you look closely, his skull has a grill. More likely it came from a rapper.
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  • Or, alternatively, she ends up chopping them up.
Emma Watson was planning to rob the guys anyway.
  • Since she wasn't raptured in the first place she clearly isn't as nice a person as she seems and was planning on sneaking off at night with their food and water. The rape conversation just really speeded up her plan and forced her to it overtly instead of sneakily.
    • she does mention that she has been hiding for days, and from the film that much time has not passed - she could be lying to win their respect before robbing them.
      • Time varies in movies. I mean, she could have been hiding for days as well as the guys and the movie just didn't show it. "Drama is real life with all the dull bits cut out" makes sense in this particular situation since it IS a movie.
Jay is almost close to getting raptured at the beginning of the film.
  • He's shown to be the most decent person of the bunch, he has his flaw, but is kept because of how he treats his friend Seth Rogen. He's raptured as soon as he admits his faults and apologizes to him. It's also possible that he's kept because he's the only one that can redeem Seth Rogen as He and Craig Robinson are shown to be nearly as decent as Jay though both have their own selfish faults which is likely why they are the ones Raptured at the end.
    • Doubtful Jay showed more then once he was just as bad as the others, including trying to get Craig Robinson to leave Seth, James and Jonah back at James house and stay at the nice house until the demon barged in along with being the first to even consider and bring up the 'rape' conversation when Emma Watson appeared. He understood the situation first but like the others he still had to get over his own pride and as such was no closer then any of them, outside of Jonah and Danny
      • To be fair, if anything, the rape conversation shows that he's the only one in the group aware of rape culture and able to look at the situation from someone else's point of view. He never even mentions rape, but seems to show general concern that the others may try to take advantage of her being the only female in the house. Danny is the first one to actually mention the word rape.
      • No, there's definitely something to what the original troper said. Craig, James, and Seth all had to perform selfless sacrifice in order to initiate their rapture process. Jay merely had to apologize and that was all it took for him to be let into heaven. This suggests that he must have been a better person than the rest of the main characters because the threshold for him getting into heaven is apparently much lower.
Danny and Jonah were beyond saving.
  • There wasn't a remote chance these two could have redeemed themselves and would have never made the heroic sacrifice Craig and James did or the selfishness one that Seth did. James' vanity and gluttony/greed ultimately keeps him keeps him out.
The Apocalypse was triggered by the ending of The Cabin in the Woods.
  • At the end of The Cabin in the Woods, The Ancient Ones awaken. The giant demon we see towards the end of this movie? Yeah, it's one of them. This causes the Biblical God to jump start the Rapture and end the world, rather then have The Ancient Ones horribly kill and maim every last innocent human on Earth.
The cashier knew the rapture was going to happen.
  • You can hear her say "What about me?" when the other customers are getting pulled up by the blue beams, and she must have thought she was good enough to go, but her rudeness to the man and his daughter ruined her chance of getting saved.
    • Alternatively; she was a fundamentalist Christian who merely believed in the Rapture — however, since being a fundamentalist Christian who believes in the Rapture is not by itself indicative of someone being a good person worthy of being gathered up in the Rapture, same effect applies.
Danny ends up in Hell.
But he's much happier there. He's partying in the Fire and Brimstone Hell with his cannibal cult and demons. He tops it off by giving Seth, Craig, and Jay in Heaven the finger.

If the sequel takes place in a world in which This is the End is a movie, some of the actors will learn from their characters' mistakes in a real apocalypse.
James Franco will know not to act prideful if he gets beamed up to heaven. Jonah Hill might try to refrain from praying for anyone to get killed. Unless he is a dick in real life, Danny Mc Bride might try to be nicer than his movie counterpart.

Said sequel would portray the actors closer to how their personalities are in real life.
It would be a different dynamic.

The sequel would also reference North Koreans wanting to kill James Franco and Seth Rogen.
They did make The Interview, after all.

A trailer for Pineapple Express 2: Blood Red (if the movie ever gets made) would be nearly identical to the one in this movie.
Same dialogue and music but better visually, and with the real Woody Harrelson (unless they want Jonah Hill to play him just to be funny).

The Pineapple Express 2 clips in this movie hint that Craig Robinson will be back.
Perhaps as his character's twin brother.

Seth Rogen was not raptured at first because he ate at Carl's Jr.
He broke his cleanse by giving in to gluttony.

Emma Watson does get raptured.
Her depriving the gang of booze, helped them think straight and weed out who deserves to go up and who deserves to rot on Earth. This was enough to allow God to give her a place in heaven.

Emma Watson got so crazy after the rapture...
Because her Harry Potter co-stars got raptured and she was left behind. Yeah...

Being petty is not enough to deny one Heaven... was just the last straw. Unlike Craig James went into his Heroic Sacrifice knowing that it might get him Raptured so it was a lot less selfless. But it was still putting himself in danger for others so it was just enough to tip him over into Heaven but since he was only just in only took a very minor evil to get tipped back out.

The Danny Mc Bride we see in the movie is actually a demon who took on his form and was put there to speed up the main cast members deaths
I mean, Think about it! Danny Mcbride wasn't invited to Franco's Party and yet he ended up in bathtub and no one noticed? Also notice when he decides to leave the mansion, the flames are practically cheering him on as he exits.

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