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The Demonata and the saga of Darren Shan share the same universe.

Ok I like to think that Darren Shan's two series share the same universe. This would mean that Mr Tiny is a demon possibly a Demon Master. The Wolf Man is a werewolf like in the Demonata and that bit in the last book where there are those monsters in Mr Tiny's place they are demons as well. Or maybe seeing as the whole universe was recreated at the end of the Demonata and in the new universe is the saga of darren shan's universe and Lord Loss and Mr Tiny are one and the same.
  • I'm pretty sure Lord Loss isn't really bound by any sort of laws of reality. However, everything else would be plausible, if it weren't for the fact that there are no demons there. Evanna talks of them crossing over if the laws of the universe are broken. In fact, not only that but it's implied that once this happens they'll slaughter everyone everywhere. Not exactly what happens in the Demonata. (Although I suppose what happened in Bec's time seems similar.)
    • The demons certainly do try to slaughter everyone they see, but the difficulty in crossing over allows for the Disciples to stop them before they manage to cause too much trouble. Should the laws of reality break to the point where the demons can freely cross over, it would be little trouble for them to win the ensuing war. Keep in mind, some demons are the size of small countries. Just the impact of one teleporting in over the planet and falling would cause massive devastation, let alone if it could fight.

The Saga of Darren Shan takes place in our reality.

  • At the end of the series, Little Person Darren goes back in time and scares young Darren away before he sees Steve admit that he knows that Mr. Crepsley is a vampire. This allows for Darren and Steve to go on with their lives and let someone else interfere in the war and fight to become the Lord of Shadows. He then gives his diary to Mr. Tall and asks him to change the names and publish them as a book, allowing the world to see what really happened. This implies that not only is the story taking place in our universe (where it was published), but that the war might be occurring right now....
    • Explicitly acknowledged in-narrative; the original Darren 'asks' Mr Tall to give the diary to his alternate self at approximately the time as when his original self 'died', as this would limit the risk of it actually changing anything that had happened originally.

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