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Awesome / The Saga of Darren Shan

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  • The climax of Tunnels of Blood, where Darren points out that real climatic epic battles....aren't. Mr. Crepsley kills Murlough in a fight lasting three seconds and containing a total of four moves.
  • This cover for The Vampire Prince. One is to be crowned, one is to be executed... but which one? The cover so perfectly captures the reversal concept of the novel.
  • In Killers of the Dawn when Mr. Crepsley fought Steve, the Lord of the Vampaneze and Gannen.
    • There's also Debbie's Adrenaline Makeover, where she's the only human hunter in the fight against the vampaneze, and she holds her own. Darren even notes what a Combat Pragmatist she is - raking one enemy's eyes out!
    "Not bad for an English teacher."
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  • In Sons of Destiny: "Destiny...rejected."